This is Maura. 

Naturalist and photographer hobbyist, she is inspired by the artistry of ecosystems. 

If not in the studio or with Sarah’s kiddo, she can be found practicing inversions, exploring tide pools and salt marshes, or getting her hair cut. 

She recently adopted a late-weatherman's motto, which couldn't describe her experience more perfectly: “I’m not from Maine, but I got here as soon I could.”  


This is Monika. 

A Maine native, she loves anything that involves working with her hands. From floral design to woodworking, there are few crafts she doesn't enjoy. 

When she isn’t buried in flowers or sawdust, she can be found hiking, running long distances, skiing, or otherwise adventuring until it’s time to come home and enjoy a good meal around the table with good friends.


This is Jessie. 

She grew up in Vermont, surrounded by a wild and lush environment, a handful of siblings, and a varying number of chickens. 

When she flew the coop, she studied biochemistry and botany in Philly, quickly wonderstruck by plant systems, urban ecology, and how much coffee she could drink.

When not puttering around the studio, she can usually be found cooking a good meal, putting too much dill on it, and letting her cat, Fran, lick the plate. 


This is Anna.

Born and raised in Maine, she has learned to get outside as soon as the weather warms and to stay there until the ground freezes (or maybe just a little longer). 

Having lived in New Orleans, she is inspired by the tropical colors and patterns of the south blended with the wildness of Maine’s woods and waters. 

She loves her down comforter, thrift stores, botanical gardens, and hot coffee all year round. 

photo of Maura: Leah Fisher Photography